The cement silo cement tank valve works     In the cement silo at the outlet of the feed valve fitted below cement weighing hopper and is connected by a 3-4 cement weighing hopper sensor hanging on cement silo, below the screw conveyor is equipped with an small concrete mixer machine with lift price on sale adjustable speed. When the computer issue feed command, open valve to cement weighing hopper Riga cement, while weighing samples. When the bucket cement reaches the material level that instructs the computer, turn off the valve, the total weight of the hopper and the material is read out, and start the screw conveyor Zhengzhou concrete mixer ingredients.     As the output of cement, weighing sensor detection values ​​continue to decrease, while the cement reaches the cutting position, the valve will open cement silo mixing equipment Mixers, start feeding. During feeding, the screw conveyor to feed a moment before continuing feed speed until the material level reaches the cement. Cement silo (cement tank) Installation and precautions are as follows: 1. Cement silo (cement tank) usually used as concrete mixing station (House) supporting the product. 2. Cement silo (cement tank) suitable for loading bulk cement and dry ash, with rain, moisture, easy to use features; Kowloon-designed products, generally 50t, 100t, 200t, and other specifications. Henan Kowloon also competitive price twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer be sized according to user requirements; please do not apply for the reprint of other powder, especially fever flammable materials. 3. Cement silo (cement tank) Product upper part of dust removal equipment, to prevent dust leakage, the lower arch is equipped with breaking device to prevent caking powder, the powder discharged so smoothly, and equipped with material level sensing device, can keep abreast of the warehouse material usage, so check dedusting equipment regularly, to ensure safety and reliability of the entire device, to prevent cement silo blockage caused by the bursting of security risks. 4, when there are people in the upper part of the cement warehouse operations, requires construction workers must wear the safety rope, concrete mixers and be equipped with the relevant safety equipment, such as helmets, safety gloves, etc., in order to prevent construction accidents. 5, cement silo (cement tank) tank at the time of installation must be connected to the grounding device, and to arrange for personnel to periodically check the grounding wire is well grounded mixing equipment mixer mixer mixer dispersed emulsion machine emulsifying machine; Henan Kowloon company Reminder because the cement silo and related facilities need power-driven, china made twin shaft concrete mixer machines supplier so make sure the ground is well grounded, to prevent accidental leakage. 6, in addition to storage bin body _ the tank itself to the ground, cement silo (cement tank) must be installed at the top of the lightning rod unit, but also to ensure good ground lines. 7, cement silo (cement tank) installation sure to please professionals to installation and commissioning, to avoid non-professional installation caused many unexpected problems arise during cement silo use.